MERCOSUR and Americas Chamber of Commerce presents its new committee in China.The Chamber of Commerce of MERCOSUR and the Americas, presents another important International committee, now in China.

The official presentation was held on the afternoon of the last day May 23, 2019, China Ballroom.

Beijing was chosen as the ideal capital for the first Chamber committee in China due to the auto flow of business entering the country.

In the presentation ceremony, several authorities and large entrepreneurs were present to know the benefits that the house can bring, from Mercosur to China and also from China to Mercosur.

In turn, the representatives of Comite China, executive Director Mr. Wensheng Huang, and the administrative and financial director, Changping Zhou and the International business director of China, Mr. Yhey Ferreira.

In the same sense spoke the President of the Mercosur Chamber of Commerce, Lic. Miguel Lujan Paletta, who emphasized the welcome they received and the opportunities that will integrate the markets. “New products enter and leave China for Mercosur.

According to Vice-President Nasser Rajab and the director of International Business of the MERCOSUR Chamber – Brazil headquarters, Mr. Gilmar Barbuti, “The goal of installing a Chamber committee in China is to promote the expansion of the commercial flow between the MERCOSUR countries and China, in addition to enhancing cooperation between the productive sectors of these markets and culture with their growing economies, the South American countries have been major trading partners in Brazil, said that “if we take as an example the Trade exchange between Brazil and China, we will note a significant increase in recent years, with bilateral trade between countries, imagine these numbers combined with the other countries of the Mercosur bloc, we would be a great global economy. ”

The House will also offer entrepreneurs a wide range of additional services, such as assisting in the search for financing, project development, assistance to public bidding processes and etc. In short, an initiative to strengthen trade between Mercosur countries and China, in very important economic times for Chinese companies seeking to enter Mercosur.

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