4717 Year of the ground pork. February 5, 2019

On February 5, 2019, the year of the Pig[1] of Tierra Yin[2] will begin. It is the end of a cycle, the end of the rotation of the 12 signs.

In Chinese culture, each person’s animal depends on the year in which they were born. Bearing in mind that it starts in late January or early February. The characteristics of that animal will be those that will determine the personality, luck, misfortunes or even the ideal love of any of us.

For the Chinese 2019 it will be a joyful, conciliatory year, in which the common good will be sought. We will have a tendency to want to have fun and to be positive.

The Chinese advice would be: to analyze things well and be realistic despite the well-being we will enjoy.

How is economic development expected for 2019?

According to the latest report published by the World Bank Global Economics Prospects, it is expected that after recording 3.1% in both 2017 and 2018, the growth of the world economy will slow over the next two years as overcapacity to global, major central banks normalize their policies and mature the recovery of commodity exporters.

As the growth of international trade gradually moderates, growth in emerging markets and developing economies is expected to stabilize. China forecasts economic growth of 6.3% for 2019, lower than in previous years.

How does the Chinese New Year affect us?

At this time various traditions are followed in the eastern country. Chinese factories try to finalize the stock of their warehouses, square their accounts and send workers home. It is therefore important to note that from the end of January until the second half of February the work activity in China will be very low as it is considered a national holiday from 4 to 10 February.

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