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At Mercosur China we offer comprehensive solutions professionally for the growth of companies.

The objective of installing a Chamber Committee in Shanghai is to promote and expand the commercial flow between the Mercosur countries and China, as well as to enhance cooperation between the productive sectors of these markets, eliminating barriers to contribute to joint development.

The entity conducts market research, raises, contacts and selects companies, schedules and promotes business meetings, organizes talks and product samples, implements sales campaigns and even sells products or services, such as international agents.

In addition to promoting the economic development of the affiliated territories, focused on the growth of the R + D, health and environment sectors

Team Members

A professional team willing to take your business to another level

Put relationships and team work first, being opened to collaboration is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make

HUANG WEN SHENG, Legal Representative at Chamber of Commerce Mercosur China

Life is beautiful once you get to match your professional career with your biggest and most fullfillig passion

AURORA CHANG, Chief Executive at Chamber of Commerce Mercosur

A great leader is humble enough to serve anybody by any means necessary without seeking reward

YHEY FERREIRA, Director International Op. at Chamber of Commerce Mercosur China

Strategy is about coordinating your limited resources to fit ambitious goals

WILLSEN ZHU, Chief Executive Operator at Chamber of Commerce Mercosur China

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