Project Description


Service that mainly take advantage of fairs and company events to attract professional visitors from our markets to them. We take care of capturing professional visitors according to the profile defined by the organization of the fair, we manage the logistics of the trips and we accompany the delegations to the fair. Our company is also commercial representative for Spain of the Czech fair company with more tradition
Service aimed at both companies and institutions, to maximize the performance of their participation in a certain fair: contact with potential customers or partners prior to the fair, holding meetings and parallel events or during the fair, etc.




Thanks to our experience in the Chinese market, we offer the possibility to locate and approve the best suppliers in China to carry out your projects.
Here are some of the global services we offer from CC Mercosur Shanghai:
Product location
Factory selection in China
Factory inspection in China
Verification of all products selected by the customer
Control of production processes, samples and prototypes
Monitoring of samples, control of packaging and shipment, etc.

Verification of the Chinese exporter:
Remote verification of the Chinese exporter
Import is much safer when you have verified your Chinese partner’s eligibility knowledge. In our report, you will find current exporter contact information, place of production, required certificates, company registration documents and business license. We will check whether the exporter is a manufacturer or an intermediary. Information about company customers, business organizations, or the affiliate chamber of commerce will be provided based on availability. All information is obtained from the company’s presents, as well as research on websites in English and Chinese. We contacted the Chinese in their native language. The report shall be submitted within 3 working days.

Detailed verification of the Chinese exporter.
In addition to the information mentioned in the previous report, this service contains the company’s verification at the relevant offices in China. We verify the exporter through our China-based office and a legal office. Verification of registration licenses confirms whether the exporter is a legally established company. This report will provide knowledge on the basis of which you can decide on the start of cooperation with your Chinese partner. If you think seriously about importing from China, this is a low price for your business safety. The report will be presented to you within 10 business days.

On-site verification of the Chinese exporter
This service includes our visit to the exporter’s facilities. The purpose of the visit is specified. We can check if the company exists and manufactures the desired product, meet with the company representative, view company documents, ask about its customers, visit the production plant and evaluate technological capabilities.
Please note that we need a transportation and accommodation fee if the visit lasts more than a day or it is impossible to return due to transportation time.
If you plan to import on a large scale, this form of verification is essential and is a low price for trust in who trusts your money.


We support the introduction and penetration of your products in the target market with suitable native professionals with the right direction and commercial or sales management.

• Commercial direction
• Commercial management and sales (commercial representation).
• International trading agent (commodities).

General advantages of our system and working method that supports the offer we propose:

• Market specialization
• Personalized
• Closeness at source
• Destination proximity
• Effective, barrier-free communication
• Simultaneous and coordinated work in the markets


We translate all kinds of documents, also official (deeds, powers, contracts). We accompany as translators and advisors in the meetings that the Client may have in our markets.
In addition, we offer commercial translation and sworn translation service in any language. This service includes apostille service, document translation, legalization at the corresponding consulate.


The Mercosur Chamber develops an advisory activity to local and foreign companies in their investments and strategic expansion plans at national and international level, pursuing their financial, operational and fiscal optimization.
The Chamber is very active in the intervention, mediation and participation in searches and separations of partners, alliances, mergers and acquisitions of companies. Finally, the Mercosur Chamber promotes, constitutes and develops commercial, industrial and service enterprises on its own or third-party.
Highlights we offer in this area are:

• Market research
• Identification and search for strategic partners
• Preparation of interview schedule
• Preparation, preparation and translation of documentation on strategic partners
• Advice during the process of buying, selling, merging or creating joint venture
• Search for financial investors
• Other related services


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