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One of the key elements of success in internationalization processes is the formulation of a strategic international marketing plan consistent with market conditions and company characteristics.

• Strategic international marketing plan
o Product strategy
o Price strategy
o Channel strategy
communication strategy
o Brand strategy
o Positioning strategy
• Market penetration
• Market development


An internationalization plan is simply a business plan tailored to foreign markets, in which you must indicate sales objectives, markets and deadlines. To carry out this plan you need to gather information in general that allows you to select markets in which the sale of your product or service can be profitable, as well as know the administrative, customs and logistical procedures to put your product up for sale in one country and not another… But where to start?

We help you:

1. Executive summary, explaining the reasons why export is raised as part of the business project growth strategy, background and experience of both the company and the management team in foreign markets.
If you are going to present your Internationalization Plan in agencies or institutions and your company already has export experience, it is important that you also include figures that guarantee your track record in other countries, indicating products and the percentage on the account for in each country over the past three years.

2. Target market selection. It is fundamental in the first phase of internationalization to delimit the markets to which we direct our offer, so we can focus our energy and efforts on knowing the information available about our sector, customs formalities and distribution, transportation costs and the price of my product in the chosen country. The day is 24 hours and we cannot cover everyone in the first year, we have to focus on a few countries and test the market. At first it takes time but this experience will allow us to acquire a technique that we can use to choose new countries in the future.

3. Offer of products and services to be marketed, indicating whether it is necessary to make any adaptations for their transport and sale in each country.

4. Investment and expenditure plan for the next two or three years. This section should include those expenses to be made in each country for market research and study, promotional material, advertising and public relations expenses, registration of patents and trademarks, point-of-sale promotions, assistance to trade fairs and missions, as well as any other expenditure or investment inherent in the international activity envisaged for that period of time.

5. Financial plan for the implementation of the investment plan. This includes own and foreign funds to be requested for internationalization, and the items to be financed.

6. Marketing plan by country, based on the “4Ps: Product, Price, Promotion and Place” and using the information obtained we will structure it in: product, price, promotion and distribution for each of the selected countries.

7. Finally, an Action Plan developing and summing up for the next three years the actions to be carried out in each country. Remember that at the beginning it is better to concentrate resources in a few countries as we have seen in point 2. Market selection.


International marketing actions should integrate offline and online actions, coordinated and harmonized according to the achievement of the objectives.

• DIGITAL STRATEGIC PLAN (Digital Strategic Plan for Internationalization)
• WEB DIAGNOSTIC (To sell online in foreign markets)
• SALES STRATEGY (In international online markets)
• INTERNATIONAL MARKET POLICY (In e-commerce and the digital environment)
• MARKETPLACES (Marketplace Action Plan)


Tailor-made market studies according to your specific needs for export success. The results of market research are a key input for a coherent export/internationalization plan.

• Tariff policies
• Country technical barriers
• Sector/market structure
• Consumer/user
• Competition
• Marketing mix: product, price, channel and communication.
• Testeo products
• Product adaptation to market
• Other


The process of registering a trademark on the Chinese market differs from that which can be used in any other European country. The first thing we need to know is that registering a trademark in China is not an easy task, as there are several agencies that this application must go through before proceeding with acceptance and validation.
To help you register a trademark or patent in China and in Mercosur territory. We offer a comprehensive advisory service in which we take into account all the applicable regulations that may be of importance in this process. Our team of consultants will be in charge of requesting validation.
Registering a trademark or patent in a market as broad as Chinese is is of vital importance for the proper development of a company. Having a patent registration ensures a high volume of profits generated by the monopoly right of the product or article marketed, also avoiding possible problems related to the ownership or authorship of the same.


Organization of presentations, releases and other promotional events

We advise you:
We advise and assist you in its implementation in International Fairs, we will carry out the commercial promotion and the search and making of appointments with commercial agents, distributors, representatives and partners in national and international markets.

We help you:
We help and advise you to be an exhibitor and hire a space to showcase your products or services.
We will comprehensively manage your participation in the fair at the administrative, financial and commercial level.

We take care of:
We take care of post-fair services such as tracking each of the potential customers, distributors, suppliers, partners, international manufacturers who have visited you at your booth or that you have visited.


If it is a company that is looking to explore its business opportunities in new markets, as well as export its products to any destination, we offer services adapted to the peculiarities of the market in question. We have designed four services with the needs you can have at every stage of your business’s internationalization process in mind.

Identification of Business Partners
Identification of Business Partners and foreign market information
Advice on international trade
External promotion actions
Shares supported by professionals native to the country/region (destination market).

• Prospecting trips business schedule
• Fairs
• Commercial missions
• Business meetings
• Business wheels
• Promotional meetings
General advantages of our system and working method that supports the offer we propose:
• Market specialization
• Personalized
• Closeness at source
• Destination proximity
• Effective, barrier-free communication
• Simultaneous and coordinated work in the markets

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